Short Stories

Havok cover image.jpg

"What Happens At Night" in Season Six: Creator/Explorer


Fantasy | September 2021

Diana slipped the final crystal into position and counted to five, just in case everything exploded. She’d taken all of the proper precautions, but even the best magical crystals had temperamental days. 

Havok publishes fast-paced flash fiction every day. As part of their overarching Casting Call theme for Season Six, they chose to highlight the classic character archetypes of Creator/Explorer. "What Happens At Night" is a fantasy exploration of a creation mage named Diana.

Warning Lines Echo Cover Snip 3.png

"Song of the Ocean" in Issue 2: Echo

Warning Lines Mag

Fantasy | September 2021

The light of the full moon was dancing along the waves, and the whole ocean was alive with song.

Warning Lines Mag: Issue 2 had a theme of "Echo" speaking to ideas of reflections, memories, and, of course, echoes. "Song of the Ocean" is about a mermaid singing a song to find a mate - and reflecting on herself as her song echoes back across the waves.

Imaginary Creatures.JPG

"This Feast Fit For All" in Imaginary Creatures

Carnation Books

Modern Fantasy | July 2021

Aiden works as overburdened and underpaid adjunct professor and so he decides to try out a meal preparation service. He's immediately spellbound by the owner, Duncan Carter, who seems to be capable of magic when it comes to cooking.

Imaginary Creatures is an anthology of Queer Paranormal Romance from Carnation Books that features four tales of strange and wonderful magic by up-and-coming authors in the realm of queer romance. "This Feast Fit For All" is about Aiden, who always feels alone - until he meets Duncan, who seems to embrace him with open arms.

ACOO final.png

"The Magic in the Mountains" in Issue 00

A Coup of Owls

Fantasy | May 2021

Once upon a time, a girl climbed into the mountains in search of a friend.

A Coup of Owls is a bi-monthly online publication that features heartfelt fiction that writers are passionate about whilst celebrating and supporting diversity. "The Magic in the Mountains" features a young girl with a curse who finds an unusual friend in the mountains.