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Short Stories

Orion Beau Summer Issue.webp

"Teleport Me Maybe" in Summer 2022: Mischief, Trouble, and Challenging the Status Quo

Orion's Beau

Modern Fantasy | June 2022

Teleportation magic was fairly simple, in theory. With a pinch of material from a familiar, a short incantation, and a clear image of the destination in their mind, any mage could take one step and travel anywhere they desired.

Of course, if your mind wasn’t focused upon the destination — say, because your familiar was causing a ruckus and you had blurted out the incantation while trying to grab said familiar at the end of a long overnight shift — then you might end up anywhere but where you meant to.

Orion's Beau creates a space where diverse artists, poets, writers, and others can share their original works, magic, growth, and other worlds. Even in darkness, hope can exist. Happy endings are possible for us all.

Kaleidoscope  cover.webp

"The Small Magicks Witch" in Kaleidoscope – A Queer Anthology

Cloaked Press

Fantasy | June 2022

The witch sighed heavily. “Magic manifests in many ways, girl. Flashy or subtle, loud or quiet, big or small. I am, as you so nicely stated, a Small Magicks Witch. I do the little tricks. Making someone fall in love with you—that’s big magic, girl. That’s like changing the flow of the ocean, or the rising of the moon, or the growing of a forest. Only the most powerful witches can make a true love potion, and trust me, a little bread and honey isn’t enough for them.”

A collection of stories from voices all over, Kaleidescope, brings you through adventures, romances, nightmares, and more.

Prismatic Dreams Cover.jpg

"Let Our Song Be About Love" in Prismatic Dreams

All Worlds Wayfarer

Space Fantasy | June 2022

There were some things that Ben expected to see out the viewports of Station 139: stars twinkling in the distance, drifting hunks of meteors, the occasional wandering deep space probe.

A giant blue-green tail, however, was not one of them.

Stories take us beyond the bounds of our own lives—into new worlds and new situations. Through the characters we temporarily become, we open ourselves to a rainbow of experiences. In the second All Worlds Wayfarer anthology, immerse yourself in 30 unique stories featuring LGBTQIA+ protagonists in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror.

ACOO final.png

"Seeing is Becoming" in Issue 04

A Coup of Owls

Modern Fantasy | February 2022

'What should we do with the body?’

Dana gave me a look – the kind of look that makes you want to grab a notepad and pen to look busy. ‘You mean,’ she said pointedly, ‘what should you do with the body. You saw it die.’

A Coup of Owls is a bi-monthly online publication that features heartfelt fiction that writers are passionate about whilst celebrating and supporting diversity. "Seeing is Becoming" is about Amber, who sees a star dragon die and becomes the Death of Dragons.

Havok cover image.jpg

"What Happens At Night" in Season Six: Creator/Explorer


Fantasy | September 2021

Diana slipped the final crystal into position and counted to five, just in case everything exploded. She’d taken all of the proper precautions, but even the best magical crystals had temperamental days. 

Havok publishes fast-paced flash fiction every day. As part of their overarching Casting Call theme for Season Six, they chose to highlight the classic character archetypes of Creator/Explorer. "What Happens At Night" is a fantasy exploration of a creation mage named Diana.

Warning Lines Echo Cover Snip 3.png

"Song of the Ocean" in Issue 2: Echo

Warning Lines Mag

Fantasy | September 2021

The light of the full moon was dancing along the waves, and the whole ocean was alive with song.

Warning Lines Mag: Issue 2 had a theme of "Echo" speaking to ideas of reflections, memories, and, of course, echoes. "Song of the Ocean" is about a mermaid singing a song to find a mate - and reflecting on herself as her song echoes back across the waves.

Imaginary Creatures.JPG

"This Feast Fit For All" in Imaginary Creatures

Carnation Books

Modern Fantasy | July 2021

Aiden works as overburdened and underpaid adjunct professor and so he decides to try out a meal preparation service. He's immediately spellbound by the owner, Duncan Carter, who seems to be capable of magic when it comes to cooking.

Imaginary Creatures is an anthology of Queer Paranormal Romance from Carnation Books that features four tales of strange and wonderful magic by up-and-coming authors in the realm of queer romance. "This Feast Fit For All" is about Aiden, who always feels alone - until he meets Duncan, who seems to embrace him with open arms.

ACOO final.png

"The Magic in the Mountains" in Issue 00

A Coup of Owls

Fantasy | May 2021

Once upon a time, a girl climbed into the mountains in search of a friend.

A Coup of Owls is a bi-monthly online publication that features heartfelt fiction that writers are passionate about whilst celebrating and supporting diversity. "The Magic in the Mountains" features a young girl with a curse who finds an unusual friend in the mountains.

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